Alexa Scholl

Patrick Wilcox

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Alexa Scholl

Celebrity Dancer
Alexa is a Prescott native, having moved to Prescott when she was just 2 weeks old, returning to the town where her grandfather grew up. She graduated with distinction from Prescott High School in 2015 where she was a varsity athlete. In May 2019, she graduated from ASU’s Barrett, the Honors College, with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Global Security from ASU. In 2017, Alexa was elected to the Prescott City Council. She also serves on the board of the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial Partnership. Additionally, Alexa works full-time for Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters as a Match Advisor. For fun, Alexa enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to Mexico, and watch Major League Baseball.

Patrick Wilcox

Professional Dancer
Patrick is the owner of Land Maintenance LLC since 1994. He establishes soils for gardeners with extensive analysis balancing minerals for ultimate growth. He also has a worm farm! He and his lovely wife, Karen, formed Prescott Ballroom to promote competitive and social dancing where they hold workshops and performances for the community.

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