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Jen James Martin

Professional Dancer
Jen was raised in Prescott. She thought she had moved away for good when she left for St. Louis to attend college at Washington University, and then following graduation, she continued east to New York City. However, seventeen years and three kids later, Jen is happy to be back “home” to raise her own family here in Prescott. Celebrity: Jen grew up surrounded by love in a family that instilled in her the importance of helping others. Jen is a proud Board Member of the Harold James Family Trust, which has an extensive philanthropic history in the community. Jen is also a Board Member of the Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet, and looks forward to helping to facilitate the growth of dance here in Prescott. A loving mother herself, Jen truly appreciates the mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Central Arizona, and she is excited to be a part of Dancing for the Stars to help support the Club’s continued outreach. Professional: As a performing arts professional, Jen has spent most of her career in New York City. Her choreography and performance credits span all areas of the entertainment world including film, television, music videos, web-based productions, and industrials. Jen’s credits are numerous, and include work for ABC’s Good Morning America, Pepsi, Johnnie Walker, Armani, and Broadway Cares. After years of performing, Jen found her niche in aerial dance. She is a founder and choreographer of AERA Dance, a past Board Member of the U.S. Aerial Championships, the creator of the “Red Velvet” aerial dance class for Crunch Fitness, and the former aerial director for New York City’s Body & Pole. Jen has authored aerial hoop and hammock instructor training programs, and has choreographed and performed with the performance duo, Lyracle. Jen has also helped pioneer the inclusion of safe aerial programming into group fitness environments, and is currently creating online tutorials with her company, Suspended Fluidity, LLC ( When Jen is not creating new pieces for the floor and air, she loves spending time with her husband, Jon, their three children, and their pup, Kona.

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