Marnie Uhl


Funds Raised: $2,060
In-Kind Donations Received: $0

Marnie Uhl is the President/CEO of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce and has led this dynamic organization since 2006.  When not busy working on behalf of the community, businesses and organizations she shares her time with Prescott Center for the Arts as an actor, crew technician and on the board of directors.  She also serves on the CCJ board, is a member of the Prescott Valley Early Bird Lions Club and a member of the YRMC Council of Electors .  Marnie also hosts two radio shows and two cable television shows.    

Marnie loves the show Dancing with the Stars having watched every season since it began.  She is a big proponent of the Boys & Girls Club helping to raise awareness and support through her activities in the Chamber as well as on radio and television.  This is the perfect match for her to participate in this awesome fundraising effort.  Now, bring on the glitz and spray tan!

Professional Dance Partner

Ronnie DeBenedetta

Ronnie is a recent transplant from San Diego, California, is a many time Country Western couples World Champion and a US Open Swing Dance Champion with more than 20 years of dance teaching experience. Ronnie is also a non-practicing attorney and a full time Realtor currently working for West USA of Prescott. While representing buyers and sellers is one of Ronnie's passions, so is dance.