Laura Markey

Colten Davault

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Laura Markey

Celebrity Dancer
Laura Markey is an Arizona Native, born in Tucson as an “Airforce Bratt,” attending Arizona State University from 1982-86 and graduating from Daemen College in 1989 with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy. Her drive and motivation for quality health care culminated in opening a private orthopedic practice in 1991. Laura’s dedication towards patient care and personal growth led her on an educational journey in physical therapy, leadership and management. She has achieved the highest certification and credentials in the field of orthopedic manual therapy through fellowship training and Board Certification in Orthopedics. She earned two doctoral degrees, both in orthopedics and manual therapy through the Ola Grimsby Institute, as well as fellowship status in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. She and her family moved to Prescott in 1997 and she has called this her home since. Her business, Center for Physical Excellence, has expanded to three locations to serve the Quad City Area. With clinical experience came the desire to share her knowledge internationally with other physical therapists along with mentorship of her current clinical staff. This has kept Laura challenged and passionate in the field of orthopedic manual physical therapy. She has enjoyed watching and helping others grow and attain their personal and professional dreams. Center for Physical Excellence has continued to support our community through sponsorships and charity events. It has been one of Laura’s visions to always support and be actively involved in the community she calls home. Over the past several years, the Center for Physical Excellence has been involved in a multitude of community events, most recently being “Rock the Block Prescott” with all proceeds going to The Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona and YRMC’s Breast Cancer Center. She has two adult “children” who have kept her busy outside of her career and taught her love and patience. Life has not been without challenges; however, she has chosen to define herself by a daily sense of gratitude for all it has to offer.

Colten Davault

Professional Dancer
Colten is one of our younger dancers, but don’t let that fool you, he packs a punch or should I say pose with his arts. At a young age, he continuously moved around, exploring each new hobby after the next, but his energetic upbeat attitude and crazy life took a new direction when he went to a Zumba party. The instructor said he should become an instructor so he did! Shortly after becoming an instructor, a Dance Studio owner took his class, and after they offered him a job, and he took it and never looked back. After a 6 month intensive, he was ready to step into the big world with dance shoes on. Fast forward to today, he has been dancing now for almost 5 years and has had professional training in 3 styles of dance and has backgrounds in almost 10. He’s a well-rounded dancer who continues to learn and grow, pushing himself to be better every day. Don’t let his smile fool you he’s a competitor through and through.

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