Dr. Dan Beck

Jamie Procknow

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Dr. Dan Beck

Celebrity Dancer
Dr. Dan Beck, his wife Michelle, and their two sons Elliot and Henry arrived in Prescott in 2003. Their lure to Prescott was a better job, and better weather than in the upper mid west United States! Dan continues to serve as an anesthesiologist, 15 years running, at the two campuses of Yavapai Regional Medical Center. Dan relished his volunteer coaching duties coaching his two sons in AYSO soccer and YMCA youth basketball. By doing this Dan has had many positive interactions with Prescott's youth, and has developed a sincere concern for the less advantaged youth in the area. Dan has volunteered his anesthesiology services working as a team member for Operation Walk-Arizona. Operation Walk is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free knee joint and hip joint replacement surgeries for the impoverished citizens of Guatemala. He has participated in Operation Walk joint replacement medical missions dating back to 2008, continuously to 2017. For 2018 he is thrilled to stay close to home and support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona, because he recognizes the critical services the Boys & Girls Clubs provide for the local youth. His professional dance partner Jamie Procknow and he hope to entertain the audience in April, 2019! Dan's hobbies include automobile and pinball machine restoration. He wishes to take up fly fishing in the future.

Jamie Procknow

Professional Dancer
Though born and raised in Central Illinois, Jamie considers Arizona her true “home”. After a visit to Prescott in February of 2001, she immediately requested (and was granted) a transfer with the company she worked for at the time. Two and a half weeks later she was a Prescott resident. To this day, she regards her quick decision to move across the country as one of the best of her life. Jamie has occupied many roles in her life. Perhaps her community knows her best for her work in non-profits and particularly in her efforts among the foster care and adoption community. Jamie has a heart for orphan care that is demonstrated in her partnership with organizations from local to global reaches. For the last sixteen years, Jamie and her husband have owned and operated Custom Water Creations, a swimming pool and spa construction company in Yavapai County. In recent years, she has entered the field of group fitness, teaching multiple formats in the greater PRESCOTT area. Of all her roles, it’s her “Mom” role that she holds most dear and which certainly keeps her most busy. Jamie and her husband are the proud parents of eight children. She cites her children as being her greatest motivators to live each day with an intentionality to pour out love abundantly to the world around her. Jamie believes that in order for one to “pour out”, one must also “refill the bucket” by chasing diligently after things that bring happiness! Deciding to lead her children by example in the endeavor to pursue joy, Jamie decided to travel the world, continue her education and take dance classes. Jamie has taken classes at Yavapai College and Switch Dance Studio. She admits that she wishes she had been able to take up such activities in her younger years but at forty, she determined to make up for lost time. She hopes to inspire others to disregard any notion that it’s ever “too late” to dive into things that have only been curiosities! When Jamie was approached to take part in DFTS, it was impossible for her to ignore how well the adventure aligned with all that she esteems and with that she agreed to take part in the event. She sees such value in the incredible programs offered by the Central AZ Boys and Girls Club, and hopes to bring the zeal she has for their cause to her dance efforts for the event.

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