Dr. Lisa Rhine

Daniel Garcia

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Dr. Lisa Rhine

Celebrity Dancer
What happens when a “total Tomboy” learns to shimmy and shake for the first time in her life? Well, besides a very real fear of falling, breaking a bone or losing a false eyelash, 2020 Dancing For The Stars contestant Dr. Lisa Rhine gets to live her childhood dream. That’s right, the one-time high school firebird mascot who eschewed ballet and tap lessons in favor of field hockey and track, secretly dreamed of pop stardom as a young girl. “I wanted to be Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Madonna and Prince,” she recalled. In college, her music tastes u-turned to Led Zeppelin. She claims to be the band’s No. 1 fan and a longtime and still-frequent Robert Plant pen pal. And so, the free-spirited Yavapai College president expects, as a DFTS contestant, to test her career judgment and her capacity for local stardom. All dreaming aside, she hopes her participation in DFTS is a catalyst for new and enduring support for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arizona. Let the competition and (possibly) the reinvention begin!

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