Kelly Soldwedel

Zach Leonard

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Kelly Soldwedel

Celebrity Dancer
Kelly Soldwedel and her family have been serving the community news with the daily newspaper, The Daily Courier, since 1958. Kelly moved to Prescott in 2004, after graduating from The University of Arizona, to run one of the operations of her family business. An Arizona native, she was excited to live in the beautiful Prescott area. Kelly was involved in many facets of the community, serving as President of Prescott Area Young Professionals for 8 years, on the Prescott Chamber of Commerce board for 4 years, on the Prescott Downtown Partnership as Vice President for 3 years and currently serves time on the Friends and Family of Family Enrichment Center (FoFEC) committee. After getting married and having children, her focus shifted to raising her two girls, 3-years-old and 6-months-old. Her daughters, Lake and Bo, go to FEC on Yavapai College campus, and Kelly is very involved and passionate about the education of youth in this community. Hence why dancing and raising funds for Boys & Girls Club will be so fulfilling for her. She looks forward to dancing with partner, Zach, on a stage near you!

Zachary Leonard

Zachary has been proud to call Prescott home for the past seven years. Having a bicoastal upbringing, he has always enjoyed creating meaningful connections with a wide variety of people and values volunteerism and community service. Zachary is the co-founder of Complete Care, a new primary care practice in Prescott opening 2020. When he isn't dancing, he serves as board president for Kind Defined, a local non-profit dedicated to empowering youth to become leaders in kindness. He is also actively involved with Prescott Area Young Professionals and is a graduate of Prescott Area Leadership. Zachary supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona because their mission of enabling young people to realize their full potential as productive and responsible citizens is a value he believes to be a top priority in ensuring a bright future for Prescott and our world.

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