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Jamie Johnson

Celebrity Dancer
Jamie Johnson, a Prescott native, has experienced life in many parts of these United States. Her passion for the arts led to her attending the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, after which she transferred to ASU in Tempe, Arizona to acquire a traditional education. Jamie then obtained her cosmetology license and moved to Hollywood, California with her fiancé to learn special effects makeup artistry from the Joe Blasco school. While in Hollywood, Jamie was hired to work for the hit series The X Files. However, with her cowboy, soon-to-be husband’s preference for a rural life, she returned to Prescott where she opened Dechado’s salon/art studio. Meanwhile, Jamie’s husband, Jeb, started JEBCO Construction with Jamie “moonlighting” as the marketing and advertising director. Jamie sold the salon after the birth of her son and joined her father selling real estate. When her daughter came along, Jamie moved into full-time mom mode, blissfully neck-deep in her children’s school and extracurricular activities. A job opportunity for Jeb yielded yet another change in address, landing Jamie in San Antonio, Texas, where she and Jeb ultimately realized they truly felt at home only in the amazing community that is Prescott. Knowing they would soon return, Jamie began organizing what is today known as the PUSD Education Foundation through which she was able to help Prescott’s children find opportunities that would allow them to grow, work, and prosper, providing them with the means to remain and raise their families in their beloved hometown. As evidenced by her numerous achievements, Jamie avails herself to the wealth of possibilities life has to offer.

Ron Howard

Ron Howard grew up in Southern California in the 80's. He adapted the street style of hip hop from trying to break dance as a kid with a piece of cardboard and a circle of friends, to mimicking the music videos of Michael Jackson and MC Hammer. His strength in freestyling landed him a gig in 1997 with MC Hammer. Ron has remained on his dance team ever since, currently as co-lead choreographer and dancer. He loves to choreograph and teach; his passion and love for his craft is contagious. Ron moved to Arizona to raise his two children with his wife, Susan. He is currently offering upbeat, old-school hip-hop classes at Fusion of Movement in Prescott Valley.

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