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Bob Raber

Celebrity Dancer
Dr. Raber may be the Celebrity Dancer most recognized by the kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona. Dr. Raber is a board certified pediatric dentist who has been treating the children of the Prescott area for over 13 years. He was raised in central California where he met his Professional Dancer, and wife, at the age of 16. They will be celebrating their 23rd anniversary the week following their performance! He has five children ranging from age 18 down to 8 and attending four different PUSD schools. His children are involved in sports, dance, boy scouts, church youth group, school clubs, band, piano and community performances. His children keep him busy in the community. Chances are many of the people in Prescott have met Dr. Raber at one of these activities. Dr. Raber not only enjoys to support his own children, but also the kids of this community. As an Eagle Scout himself, he has volunteered as a scoutmaster for over a decade. Through his scouting leadership, he has helped many teenagers achieve the rank of eagle scout and complete valuable service projects throughout our town. With his support, youth have built bulletin boards at popular trail heads, repainted the Prescott "P" on the mountain, done numerous school improvement projects, and helped organizations with their homeless programs. Dr. Raber was a major sponsor during the origination of the Prescott area middle school mountain bike team. He is still proud to remember that year they were the largest middle school composite team in the nation. He has coached soccer, basketball and t-ball. Dr. Raber enjoys teaching children and watching their character grow as they experience the ups and downs of competitive sports. He and his partner Dr. Brown at My Kids Dentist set up a program that brings dental services to our local elementary schools and outreach programs. Bob has an incredible knowledge of all things automotive. Someday, when life slows down, he'd like to spend more time restoring classic cars and traveling with his wife. For now, every spare moment is spent learning a dance that he hopes will bring down the house at the 2020 Boys and Girls Club Dancing for the Stars event!

Beth Raber

When she was just three years old, Beth looked up at her parents with her chocolate drop eyes and declared, "When I grow up, I want to be a dancer!" Her parents couldn't refuse such adorable determination. They supported her through years of dance lessons, leotards, tights, recital costumes, competition fees, tap shoes, pointe shoes, jazz shoes...and more shoes. They often traded services with the dance studio and made personal sacrifices to pay for Beth to develop her talent. When she was 12, she became a teacher assistant, working in exchange for her lessons. By the time she was 16, she began teaching her own little classes of ballerinas, tumblers and tappers. Beth continued to take dance lessons while she attended Brigham Young University where she received a degree in Elementary Education. She married her best friend, Bobby Raber. They moved to Prescott in 2006. She has dedicated the last 18 years to raising her five amazing children and supporting them as they discover their own passions and talents. Beth currently teaches dance fitness classes at gyms, private clubs, churches and for private business owners and their employees in the Prescott area. However, some of her best dance parties happen in her kitchen with her favorite people, her family. She is honored to be a "Professional "Dancer" for Prescott's Dancing for the Stars and to ultimately serve the kids in her community.

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