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Jamie Procknow

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Jamie Procknow

Professional Dancer
Jamie was born and raised in Central Illinois. On a vacation to Arizona Jamie fell in love with Prescott, Arizona. She took action quickly to relocate to the land she was so drawn to. Since 2001, she has called Yavapai County “Home”. Jamie has occupied many roles in this community and in life. Many know her for her work in non-profits. She has been a part of several non-profit initiatives through the years but her emphasis has always been on serving children. Her most notable work has been in the realm of foster care, adoption and orphan care. Jamie works with local, national and global organizations to advocate and care for children. For the last seventeen years, Jamie and her husband have owned and operated Custom Water Creations, a swimming pool and spa construction company in Yavapai County. Certified in many different fitness formats, Jamie shares her enthusiasm for movement and fitness with her community by teaching regular classes at the YMCA, and Intentions Studio as well as helping occasionally at other gyms and studios throughout the community. But it’s the title of “Mom” that Jamie holds most dear and which certainly keeps her most busy. She and her husband have eight children ranging in ages from eleven to twenty-eight. She cites her children as being her greatest motivators to live each day with an intentionality to pour out love abundantly in whatever place or circumstance she finds herself. Jamie considers herself a late bloomer as she is new to dance and choreography. She has received instruction in multiple dance formats in multiple dance facilities but all in recent years. This will be Jamie’s second year participating in DFTS. She sees immense value in having such an incredible program as the Central AZ Boys and Girls Clubs, and hopes to bring the zeal she has for their cause to her dance efforts for the event.

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